What does it mean to welcome the stranger and love our neighbour in the context of our urban home?

One of the invitations common to world religions is to welcome the stranger and love our neighbour. The Calgary Interfaith Council is exploring this theme over the next year from the richness of our diverse faith traditions and with the shared reality of living in particular neighbourhoods in Calgary. We invite you to be part of this exciting work. Follow the links for more information and to register for particular programs.  

To learn more or offer suggestions, contact Sarah at [email protected].

Mission/Purpose Statement

The Calgary Interfaith Council seeks to build a more just and respectful Calgary through:

  • Deepening relationships across faith traditions
  • Celebrating diversity
  • Learning from and about each other

Members of the CIC

The Calgary Interfaith Council encourages all interested individuals and religious institutions to join us in fostering interfaith harmony and cooperation in Calgary. Membership reflects an active embrace of the CIC’s vision and values as well as a commitment to engage in our programs and activities.

With funding from the Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism Grant (MARG) program